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Now technology is entering in every sector and makes our life much easier, fast and accurate. In the past few decades medical sector is growing so fast and its effect also seen in pharmacy retail stores.

Dynamic Software Ltd offers you Pharmacy POS system to make your pharmacy store more organized, more easier and help to increase your sale. Nowadays, the Pharmacy is always over crowded and customer want fast service but it is impossible to manage everything manually. Here our pharmacy software come to solve your all the problem and its works like magic.

Using our Pharmacy POS Software you can manage your day to day task, can manage your inventory, stock management, sales report and what not. Now you can make your life more easier with our Pharmacy Management Software.

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Take a look of our pharmacy POS software features

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Product Management

With the Pharmacy Management Software now you can manage your pharmacy product details more easily, precisely and safely. Now you can add all of your product details like generic name, packet size, width, height, price with just one mouse click. And no one can manipulate your data without authorized user. Thus this way Pharmacy Management Software keeps your data secure.

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Track Expired Product

In pharmacy sector expired product management is so important. Now using our Pharmacy Management Software you can easily and precisely manage your expired product. This system show the product at front with a closer expiry date. User can easily discard expired product using this system.

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Inventory Management

Pharmacy Management System gives you the full control over your inventory. You can control your expense and operate your business with effectiveness, manage your inventory effortlessly and can reduce loss due to waste. You can track your product with their name, price, brands and group. You can mark the top selling product and mark down low selling product for further monitoring.

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Supplier info

Managing supplier information is more important in pharmacy. Using our pharmacy management system you can manage your supplier information easily.

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Return Product Easily

Sometimes you need to return your product for various reason. Now you can easily find the supplier of that product with just few mouse click.

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Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner is an another important feature in pharmacy. Because its makes your life more easier. With scanning the barcode you get all the information of the specific product.

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Damage & Lost Adjustment

Control your damaged & lost products to avoid your loss.

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Product Exchange

Occasionally you need to exchange your product. You can exchange the product easily and adjust your inventory precisely.

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MIS Reporting

In pharmacy management system MIS reporting is crucial. Because through MIS report you can get your financial, accounting, inventory report at a time and you can take the right decision.

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Discount Management

Through discount management you can grab more customer and grow your business fast. Through our system you can offer discount to specific customer or customer group effortlessly.

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Multiple Sales Counter

When your store is too big then you need multiple sales counter. Utilizing our Pharmacy Management System you can comfortable mange multiple sales counter.

Do you have any Pharmacy Management System?

Already you know about the Pharmacy Management System and its features. In the age of science and technology we need to update us with the current technologies. So update your business with our Pharmacy Management System to stay one step ahead from your competitor and grow your business effortlessly.

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Why our Pharmacy Management System is best in Bangladesh ?

Dynamic Software LTD offers you the best Pharmacy Management software and it is already used by the thousands of pharmacies all over the Bangladesh with lots of good review. We do not treat you as your customer/client but we believe you are our valuable partner for whom we are dedicated to assist you. From small to large pharmacy we are here to grow your business, increase your sales and increase your profit. Our customer service is unique we have dedicated team just to grow your and solve your problem just tell us the problem you are facing.

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Why our Pharmacy Management System is best in Bangladesh ?
Benefit you get

Our Pharmacy Management Software suits any type of pharmacies


Supports multiple types of order from simple single drop orders to multi location, multi schedule orders, and direct deliveries. User defined authorizations system meets the needs of our each customers.

End-to-End Management

Nicely organized with product forecasts in terms of billing, warehouse management, and deliveries, the system delivers brands and retailers full control over their key product procurement and financial promises.


Get automate with our “RetailPharma” POS system and maintain Workflow bases automatic PO creation based on accurate planning data.


We approach Point-of-sale in a different way, whatever your pharmacy’s size, or target market. propose solutions according to your pharmacy type.


Our applications are super easy to use by your all-level staff. Intuitive and thoughtful design makes our system simple to use avoiding difficult functionality. Our agile supporters provide 24/7 support service.

Data Security

We tight the security of your pharmacy POS system and data seriously & keep all of your records & reports safely

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Choosing the right software for your business may be an overwhelming experience, but we are happy to help you every step of the way.

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