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In the age of science and technology our life become much easier than before. Nowadays analog system replaced with the automated machine control system and it is much easier, error free and give us accurate result. Dynamic Software Ltd provides all kinds of automated software solutions all over the world. We provides POS, Retail, Vat Management, ERP system and many more. Our software is fully automated, User Friendly and easy to use. Now a days with the increasing population It is difficult to manage Supper shop, Organization, Hospital, Pharmacy, Garments etc. Dynamic Software Ltd come up with a unique automated software solution for every sector. Now using this software you can grow your business faster than previous. Can manage everything single handed without hassle. Dynamic Software Ltd provides Inventory Management, Barcode labeling, Product Information, Expired Product Tracking, Reporting, Data Security, Discount Management and much more.

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Software Features

At a glance features of our software's


Product Management

Manage your product more easily and precisely. Manage your product quantity, name, price error free. This product information only accessible by authorized user only.


Barcode Scanner

Using our system now you can manage your product easily. Just scan your product barcode and get all details.


Inventory Management

After using our software you have more control over your store, organization or your company. Because now you can track your expense, loss, sell report real time.


Manage Expired Product

Managing expired product is one of the most difficult task. Using our system you can manage your deadstock and expired product easily.
Product with a closer expiry data reserved at font for sale while product with later expiry will be placed at the back.


Multiple Branch

You can create multiple branch and can manage them easily.


Supplier Management

Manage your supplier and their product. Get product from particular supplier easily.


Damage & Lost Product

Control your damage and lost product using our inventory and reduce your loss.



Discount management is the most easiest way to grab the audience. You can create multiple discount and coupon using our system.



Get actionable insights with real-time reporting capabilities.


Product Return

Return your product easily. Just find the supplier through system and return it easily.


Product Exchange

You can exchange you product with just few clicks. Just find the product and update the inventory.

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Why you should get our software?

Dynamic Software Ltd is one of the best software solution provider in Bangladesh. We believe in quality product that can help you to grow your business more effectively than previous. Dynamic Software Ltd is one of the most trusted software service provider all over the country. We provide you best software solutions to grow your business , increase your sales and provide best customer services. We believe that customer is our first priority and make the believe that we are here to solve their problem.

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What kinds of benefits we provide? Just have a look.


We provide best security services. Unauthorized user can not access your data. We know the value of your data.

Increase Productivity

Integrating applications that use the same data sources will allow you to improve your operations productivity. With one point of data entry and no need to switch between different software applications, processing is simpler and quicker.

User Friendly

Easy to user interface. Our main aim is to provide best user experience.

End To End Management

Nicely organized with product forecasts in terms of billing, warehouse management, and deliveries, the system delivers brands and retailers full control over their key product procurement and financial promises.


Our software is fully automated based on your certain actions.


We provide best software solution according to your business, Targeted audience.

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